WordPress Protect

WordPress Protect

Your business website is vital.

Chances are, it’s either your best revenue stream or your most prominent marketing tool. If either of those things are true you probably spent a lot of time, energy and money developing it. How much are you spending protecting it?

The two biggest vulnerabilities a WordPress website faces are:

WordPress is officially the world’s favourite website platform, powering more than 30% of the websites around the world, and that
number is growing every day. Unfortunately this means that it’s not only a desirable platform of choice for you, but also for hackers intent on doing harm.

This means that your WordPress site is constantly at risk of, amongst others:

  • Data loss or theft
  • Viruses or malware passed on to your users
  • Content changes that could damage your brand
  • Redirects to unsavoury sites
  • Irreparable corruption

Poor Maintenance
One of the best things about WordPress is that it keeps costs down by allowing ready made bits of code (video for example) to be ‘plugged
in’ to your website. It also has an extremely user-friendly CMS to allow you to manage small ongoing changes yourself.

The flip side of this is that it makes a WordPress website fairly vulnerable if these aspects are mismanaged. Common problems are:

  • Incompatibility between theme updates and plug-ins caused by manual updates by inexperienced users
  • Users making damaging CMS errors
  • Spam and/or page Revision backups accumulating unnecessarily

As brand and web specialists we know how damaging any of this could be, but our WordPress Protect packages have got you covered from all of this.

Here’s what we do to keep you safe:

Theme and Plugin Updates
All our plans include periodical updating of WordPress themes and any plugins that your website is using.
We will also resolve any incompatibility issues as a matter of course.

Security Measures
We apply trusted security audits and monitoring processes to strengthen and defend the website from outside attacks from hackers and malware.

Uptime Monitoring
Frequent down time of your website can be very detrimental to your business. We closely keep tabs on your website’s uptime and act quickly when necessary.

Spam Comments & Revisions purge
We will regularly purge your website of both Spam that has accumulated in comments sections and page revisions that don’t need to be kept. This will ensure your site is as quick and efficient as it should be.

Full Back Ups
Each WordPress Protect visit includes a full backup of all your system files, assets and MySQL database so we always have a recent healthy version of your site to roll back to if we need it.

Free support
Spot something that doesn’t seem right, let us know and we’ll investigate it and fix any WordPress Protect covered issues quickly and efficiently.

Plans To Suit Websites of Any Size

Most Popular
(£240 annually)
(£420 annually)
(£600 annually)
(£780 annually)
Full Backup: System files, Assets & MySQL DatabaseMonthlyWeeklyDailyDaily
Number of backups per year 1252365365

Update cycles per year141212
WordPress Core PlatformYYYY
Plugins updatesYYYY
Theme UpdatesYYYY
Spam Comments & Revisions purge YYYY

Security pluginsYYYY
Performance Scan (per visit)YYYY
Malware Scan (pv) YYYY
Activity report (pv) YYYY
Database Optimisation141212
24/7 Uptime MonitoringNNYY
Free SupportEmail EmailEmail & PhoneEmail & Phone
Studio Time allowance per year---3 Hours (worth £225)
Cost per rollback £50£25

*WordPress Protect is an annual commitment. We offer a monthly payment plan to help you spread the costs across the year by standing order.

*Some WordPress sites may incur a setup fee, this is subject to evaluation. Please discuss this with your account manager.