WordPress Protect

We love WordPress!

We always recommend WordPress for websites, it’s because of the community of developers working behind the scenes. They are always tinkering and improving, making the system increasing secure and introducing new features with each revision.

So it’s not long before the software powering your website starts to lag behind. As new vulnerabilities are patched and fixed leaving any older versions open to be exploited. 

So we are proud to present WordPress Protect!


WordPress Protect

What is WordPress Protect?

WordPress Protect is a monthly service where we will:

  • Update WordPress, plugins and themes
  • Compatibility support
  • Backup of your website
  • Rolling back websites to the latest backups
  • Security audits and security monitoring

We will take care of your site, so you don’t have to worry

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Current Clients with Apex1 Studios

If you are a currently one of our clients and hosted on our servers, we can also provide up to 30 minutes a month of technical help and support, we’ll can even use this time to help make some new changes for your site.