Triumph Recruitment Consultants

Helping a recruitment agency explain their USP and find the right audience

Triumph Recruitment Consultants are a well established recruitment agency. They have a strong history of working primarily with public sector vendor neutrals although, armed with a new website and brand, are now making pathways with some large private sector companies too.

The Job

To lift the Triumph brand across all channels with a view to giving the agency more autonomy in it’s own marketplace through less reliance on the Indeed platform, and allowing the them to approach vendor neutrals in the more competitive private sector.

To develop a website that would 1) be the main anchor point of the new brand and 2) would make searching for a job easier for a user and, every bit as importantly, would make listing a job much easier for Triumph staff.

New look, new voice

Triumph Consultants needed a major transformation of both the design language and, equally as import, the tone of voice if they were to achieve their objective of reaching better candidates and keeping them on their website.

We gave them a clean, conservative image matched with a ‘no fluff, just facts’ approach to content. The idea being a user could move seamlessly from reading their broadsheet news app to doing a job search on Triumph and feel like, just as with their media outlet of choice, it was designed and written with them in mind.

A smart, snappy front end

Because of the way people looks for jobs online, the site map on the Triumph website assumes that first-time visitors will land on either a specific job or a list of jobs.

Because of this we aimed to 1) give users access to all of the sites functionality from anywhere, through large, clear calls to action and 2) make that functionality stand out, so that visitors would remember the site and the brand and start to view Triumph as a trusted platform in it’s own right, not just a referral point for Indeed.

…and a tailored, staff friendly back end

The process for getting a job listed on both the old Triumph website and Indeed – which happens multiple times a day, far from painless.

We worked closely with the staff at Triumph, understanding what could be done better, listening when our own ideas were too bold, and we built them a CMS that is easier to enter data into, deals with most of the repeat content itself, requires less human intervention once Indeed has ‘scraped’ the listing on Triumph’s site, and actually puts a more succinct listing in from of the user. Everybody happy!

Success in Numbers

 Old site New site

Visitors per week



Bounce rate



Rejected applications






We operate within an industry where extravagant claims made on recruitment agency websites are commonplace and all too infrequently matched by the reality experienced by candidates when they apply for roles.

Our approach is genuinely different, being based on the simple premise that if you give candidates the full facts they are undoubtedly best placed to drive the initial stages of the recruitment process.

We asked Apex1 to capture this ethos in the design brief for our website relaunch and were extremely happy with what its branding people came up with, notwithstanding that it represented a radical departure from convention.

The result has been less candidate (and agency processing) time wasted on unsuitable applications and a sustained flow of high calibre CVs for our clients.

Whilst the design aspect of the project was extremely important for us, I would also have to mention the outstanding technical input that we have received from Apex1 as we have met a variety of challenges associated with candidates being directed to and applying for roles via our website rather than via job boards and aggregators.

We were so pleased with the outcome of this project that we have entered into an ongoing support and development arrangement with Apex1 that will enable us to stay on top of what is a rapidly evolving market.

Peter Cliff
Owner of Triumph Recruitment Consultants