Helping a fire alarm company
become a market leader

Senseco Systems is the UK’s industry-leading, independent fire and security specialist. They are renowned for our expertise in the design, supply, installation, and maintenance of fire, suppression, voice and security systems. They have a portfolio of well-know clients across the UK and beyond.

The Job

Collate Senseco’s story, its products and additional services into one understandable branded house. Become a leading challenger brand in the UK. Solidify and grow the offering to existing clients through new products and the marketing strategy.

Put a strong emphasis on the company’s scale and also their very important carbon neutrality accreditation.

Protecting your People, Property and Planet

The major pain point of a Senseco client is “are my buildings secure, and mostly, are the people in my buildings safe?”

We worked closely with Senseco to ensure that various photoshoots mixed with sourced imagery struck a balance between showcasing their expansive offering and focussing on the ultimate outcomes – safe, happy people.

A Unique, Brand-led UX

The campaign was focussed around brand recognition and the website is the channel that highlights this the most. This icons, buttons, menus and even image frames adopt the custom design language, giving a lasting visual imprint to reinforce both the proposition the emotive brand story.

A Unique, Brand-led UX

We consulted heavily to establish the brand architecture of Senseco’s products and sub-brands such as F.A.I.T.H. Guarantee and the ECO/ECO+ system.

With ECO and ECO+ we worked with Senseco to refine the service and solidify the differences between the two tiers. We then helped them produce a sales pitch and marketing plan to help secure major investment.

Multi Channel Marketing

We are in regular contact with Senseco, collaborating on new marketing ideas, creating new physical and digital collateral and being a major supporter of their continued growth.

Don’t just take our word for it

We came to Apex1 as we wanted to create a new website to better represent the company we had grown to become & reflect the blue chip clients and sites we work with.  However the relationship and support that Apex1 provide has grown far beyond just a new website.  They have helped us redefine our brand and produce high quality imagery and marketing materials across the board so we have a much stronger brand identity and a suite of marketing collateral.

Apex1 continue to provide invaluable advice and support from marketing / branding to technical support on our website and other electronic marketing media.  They have become a trusted partner in supporting our business in many ways.

Lee Thompson
Head of Strategic Marketing