Helping a hot yoga studio become
the coolest kids on the block

Hot Yoga is the relatively new trend of performing yoga in temperatures of up to 45 degrees. Hot Yoga Club, based in Staines Upon Thames are one of the UK’s foremost studios. Designed by Amanda Free, the UK’s first Hot Yoga Teacher, it is a beautiful place to unwind and switch off from the outside world.

The Job

– Help Hot Yoga Club identify their core audience through market research
– Develop an identity that speaks to that core market
– Plan and build a conversion focused website
– Full MindBody (class manager) Integration


We worked closely with Hot Yoga club’s comms team to produce an identity that embodies a feeling of high energy, sense heightening fun.

We wanted to give people the best insight possible as to what they could expect when they walked in for the first time.

..and Conversion-Focused

We consulted heavily to establish the brand architecture of Senseco’s products and sub-brands such as F.A.I.T.H. Guarantee and the ECO/ECO+ system.

With ECO and ECO+ we worked with Senseco to refine the service and solidify the differences between the two tiers. We then helped them produce a sales pitch and marketing plan to help secure major investment.

Bespoke integration with MindBody MMS (Membership Management System) for seamless timetables and unique class/teacher filtering.