Helping a well established
brand extend their reach

At 1.7 million per month, The Harlands Group processes the largest number of direct debits in the leisure industry by a considerable margin. They provide clients with a state-of-the-art sign-up collection and credit control service. Their client-base includes Marriott Hotels, Odeon Cinema and JD Gyms to name a few.

The Job

To streamline Harlands’ value proposition and help create a succinct brand story that could be marketed both in the UK and across mainland Europe.

Getting people to the right place quickly

Harlands Website needs to work as a marketing tool for b2b customers, but it also needs to ensure that clients customers, those who perhaps have to pay an outstanding bill with some urgency, can navigate to where they need to be as painlessly as possible.

We have created a very clean, visual navigation process that allows every kind of user to reach their most likely destination in just one click. The effect of this has been more transaction rate through the website and fewer inbound telephone calls.

So much more than a Google Translate

The Harlands’ website is readable is six languages. However, these are not just basic translations. We worked closely with a third-party translation company to ensure that each page worked as a concise marketing tool for native speakers of each language.

After roll-out, we consulted on the rigorous keyword research phase where incremental changes were made to increase the marketing potential of all the content in each language. We also ensured that all meta descriptions and also URL extensions were adapted for each language to give Harlands the best Google ranking opportunities in each country. This has no doubt helped Harlands to extend its reach deeper into Europe.

There are also separate CMS areas for each language. This enables, for example, a French admin-user to make required changes that will not affect the content in any other language.

The Harlands Effect

The Harlands Effect is a custom online calculator, rooted in reliable statistics, to showcase the potential savings on ROI an organisation could make from using Harlands’ systems. After successful testing with the UK audience, the calculator was later rolled out with multi-lingual tooltips for the other countries.

Through well placed, strategic marketing (working alongside a third party marketing agency) Harlands have seen huge numbers of traffic on the landing page, vastly increased enquiries and a much smoother conversion process.

Apex1 and Harlands Group are Strategic Partners

We are thrilled to be able to play a much larger role in Harlands existence through our strategic partnership.

So far this has included writing industry-specific, on-brand articles, working in partnership with Harlands and their clients to produce customer win-back campaigns and much more.

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